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Flight Path of a Servant Leader A A few days later Jet Airways terminated the services of a few more senior captains and also obtained a Contempt of Court order from Iambi High Court, on September 9, He wanted the first mover advantage, never mind how impossible the task of inducting these planes into the fleet seemed.

Under the agreement, the pilots decided to Join duty with immediate effect.

JetPrivilege Case Study

What solutions did the airline come up with? There was also a sense of encouragement for new ideas and innovation and a system of rewards for exceptional performers.

Jet Study Case Study

Take this time for instance when his A-team woke up one June morning in at their homes in Iambi. He wanted the first mover advantage, never mind how impossible the task of inducting these planes into the fleet seemed.

Though the initial cost of such planes was high, the company saved on maintenance costs and also managed to gain greater punctuality in service. Elsewhere it was reported that the Centre and the GAGA were planning to move an Amendment to the Industrial Disputes Act, to remove airline pilots from the definition of workmen from the Act.

What factors are driving changes in the airline industry? But nobody at the airline? The organizational resources that are available within the company need to be kept in mind while formulating such strategies. Jet Airways was poised to profit from an expected extension of flying rights throughout Asia.

Since companies like JetBlue earn a tremendous amount of customer satisfaction for being to step up and solve issues, they are able to help customers become more open and responsive to their marketing efforts. Two of them were allegedly shown the door 45 days ago for forming a union — the National Aviators Guild NAG — while the other two were sacked as the protest action began.

All systems and business functions focused on performing day-to-day activities. Under normal circumstances, the lean staff was sufficient to handle all operations and the computer systems functioned well below their capacity. David Neeleman, as the founder and the first CEO of the company, did a commendable job.

Resolution talks between agitating Jet Airways pilots and the airline management were held in the national capital before the Chief Labor Commissioner to break the deadlock that has severely disrupted flights across the country. Nine airplanes were stranded on the tarmac for anywhere between six and ten hours.

It also looks like Getable did not have a decision-support system ADS in place to support neurotic decision making. I will be more than happy to meet them. As the CEO of the company Neeleman was also able to create a unique culture in the company that encouraged equality.

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The company changed its operational philosophy to make more accommodation for inclement weather. The meeting was to be mediated by the Central Labor commissioner.

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Eliminated duplication effort of updating the same details in two different systems. References What impresses you the most about JetBlue and its initial strategy?

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As a CEO Neeleman steered the company through the crisis period of By coming together across work groups, JetBlue crewmembers discover efficiencies, learn from each other, and develop a corporate culture of team cooperation and team support.

The airline pilots did not have any union and being contract employees loud be shown the door anytime. Neeleman created a differential position for the JetBlue airways.

This could ensure that they can never legally form unions and go on strikes. The company had said it was forced to trim staff to cut its losses but Punjabi claimed that he had not been consulted before the Jet Airways senior management ordered the retrenchment. The Indian aviation industry was going through a tough phase and experts felt that it as in the interest of the company to retrench employees to remain competitive.

This move actually firmed up the determination of the pilots to keep close ranks in support of their dismissed colleagues. Need this paper immediately? It takes only 2 minutes to subscribe and get instant access!

At that time, most of the domestic low cost carriers in the U. The initial business strategies that the company undertook were impressive and allowed them to gain market leverage and a competitive edge by positioning itself in the market as a low cost carrier but with superior services.

The use of new Airbus aircrafts instead of Boeing aircrafts reduced costs of maintenance and repairs and spare parts and fuel efficiency. The company managed to growth throughout this period, albeit with some aid package from the government. As the CEO, Neeleman also created a niche for the company by choosing routes and airports that were less travelled and therefore reduced competition and increased operational profits for the company in the initial period.

Evaluate his performance on the definition of strategic management as discussed in Chapter 4 utilizing the SWOT analysis technique.Business functions: Stable’s communication, reservation and computer systems were described in this case.

They represent Sales and IT business functions.

Jet Study Case Study

Jet Blue Case Study Essay example Words | 5 Pages. the Jet Blue case was former CEO David Neeleman. He was the person who started Jet Blue and formed it to become a low cost airline provider, providing luxury and comfort and destinations to various cities at a low affordable cost.

Essay about Case Study Of Jet Blue  A Case Study of JetBlue and Human Resources Management Building any company from the ground up is difficult, but building an airline from the beginning is an enormous undertaking.

A teaching case study about Jet Blue's problems during the ice storm, written by Dr. Joe Brennan and Dr. Felicia Morgan. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

JetPrivilege Case Study. View Larger Image; Talisma Platform Helped Jetprivilege Effectively Manage Their Customer Interactions and Improve Resolution Time Across Multiple Teams for a Better Customer Experience and Increased Agent Productivity.

Teams across Jet Airways and JetPrivilege (Jet Privilege, Jet Privilege Service, Cargo. Over the next few years Jet Airways established Itself as a leading player In India, becoming a case study for In-flight excellence. Possibly excited by this euphoria, industry Insiders say, the management made its first big gamble by buying Air Sahara in

Jet study case study
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